Turning back to traditional ways

Through oral traditions from the beginning of time, our people have lead lives free of prisons, mental institutions, abuse centers or psychologists. They lived as societies in balance.
– Subiyay (Bruce Miller – Skokomish)

Indigenous Voices Association supports the historical traditions of First People everywhere. Oral history is a living history and requires great effort and intention to move it forward. IVA is a non-profit 501c that unites ancient tradition and new technology to strengthen communities. First Nations’ language, song, stories and teachings are among the worlds greatest treasures, and many are under great peril of eradication, yet the digital era offers new hope for indigenous communities everywhere. The Indigenous Voices Association’s work with the Pacific Northwest Coast Native American Community has set a standard of authenticity and educational excellence that can be applied on a global scale, and is building a community of like-minded cultural and technical experts worldwide.


Cultural Workshops
Diversity Training
Conflict Resolution
Cultural Presentations: storytelling, singing drumming, dancing, to suit needs of behavioral health, rehabilitation, entertainment
Presented at: Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Education, National Education Conferences and White Bison

Local Schools
and Learning Institutions storytelling and lessons of culture sharing for grades pre k through college level

Healing through Tradition
Partnership and collaboration with Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation treatment centers to creating a curriculum based on the storytelling being the healing model to move forward from addiction

Journey to Squaxin Island
2013 feature documentary on the Squaxin Island Tribe and their great historical legacy to host Tribal Journeys. http://peopleofthewater.org/

Good Business for a Better World
2013 feature documentary on an business and social responsibility

Dancing in Vietnam
2013 feature documentary on a YMCA dance exchange with the Dance school of Saigon. http://youtu.be/jmWe3YrjAVw

Canoe Way: The Sacred Journey
2009 feature documentary on Tribal Journeys http://canoeway.org/