About Us

Indigenous Voices Association seeks to amplify all Indigenous voices through traditional and contemporary culture, education and modern media.

Our work is: storytelling, dancing, singing, drumming, educating, filmmaking, language preservation, healing work at rehabilitation and recovery centers, training the teachers and/or administration on cultural diversity, conflict resolution as well as using innovative technology and modern media to create documentarys, machines and games in these lessons.

We have researched our culture as Native Americans and Alaskan Natives by reading archives, publications and literature, but mostly through in depth interviews and personal stories from our elders and community members. We are committed to life-long learning therefore committed to life-long teaching of these lessons. We have partnered with local tribes of the Salishian lands in creation of a drama-mentary called “People of the Water, Squaxin Island”.

President: Solana Booth, Tsymsyan and Nooksack
Vice President: Chaske Wolf, Dakota and Pawnee
Board: Millie Kennedy, Tsymsyan

Advisory Board members: Dr. Chuck Ross, Dakota. Denise Juneau, Blackfeet.


Cultural Workshops
with Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Education, National Education Conferences and White Bison

Local Schools
and Learning Institutions storytelling and lessons of culture sharing for grades pre k through college level

Healing through Tradition
Partnership and collaboration with Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation treatment centers to creating a curriculum based on the storytelling being the healing model to move forward from addiction

Good Business for a Better World
2013 feature documentary on an business and social responsibility

Dancing in Vietnam
2013 feature documentary on a YMCA dance exchange with the Dance school of Saigon. http://youtu.be/jmWe3YrjAVw

Canoe Way: The Sacred Journey
2009 feature documentary on Tribal Journeys http://canoeway.org/

 Check out Cultural Survival @ www.culturalsurvival.org

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